1.Company support system
  Long-term service award   Awards and paid holidays for each tenure
  Retirement allowance addition system   If you have served for more than five years, you will be paid an additional amount by period to your retirement allowance.
  Group Accident (Illness) Insurance   In order to lower the burden on medical expenses for employees, insurance (real cost/coverage) is provided at company expense.
  Refresh vacation   Allow 4 days of paid leave per year and use autonomously
  Statutory leave(Leave of absence)   Annual leave, child (spouse) maternity leave, parental leave, family care leave
  Personal leave system   Partial support for leave and salary for surgery and long-term treatment due to illness (injury)
  Support Dormitory   Purchase an apartment for unmarried employees living in remote areas and use it as a dormitory
  Condo (Resort) Operation   Daemyung / Hanwha / Kensington Resort available at corporate membership price in all parts of the country
2.Employee-to-employee mutual aid system
  Operation of mutual assistance society   Deliver the congratulations(consolation) and the congratulatory money(consolation money) during the employee's congratulations and condolences.
  Fundraising donation system   In the event of an employee's hardship, in-house publicity and donations is collected to convey consolation and donation.
3.Implement a welfare system through the operation of an in-house labor welfare fund
  In-house loan system   Operation of housing lease and purchase funds, emergency life stabilization loan system
  Subsidy of living expenses  

Support for living expenses (once a year) for single employees, married children without children, and married people with children under 5 years of age.
(When entering kindergarten, switch to student support)

  Childbirth Subsidies   When giving birth to a child, a congratulatory money is provided.
  Student support   Student support from kindergarten to university
  Congratulatory leave and grants   Support for paid holidays and subsidies during various events
  Comprehensive Health Checkup Support   Support expenses for comprehensive health examinations for yourself and your spouse every two years
  Medical expenses support   Support personal medical expenses for yourself/spouse/children
  Support for children with disabilities   Support for medical expenses of certification institutions for children with congenital disabilities (switch to student support when entering kindergarten)
  Support for club activities   Support for activity expenses for social and exchange activities between employees in-house