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As a connector professional maker, we have been growing with the Korean electronics industry over the past 30 years and are building a foundation for sustainable growth based on quality and trust.

Since the foundation, we have been able to overcome many trials and difficulties so far, and we are deeply grateful to our customers who believe in and support us.


Hirose Group has an unchanging ideology called [a small company that carries on wisdom as its values].
This is also based on the slogan of A Small Company Connecting Wisdom, which includes a desire to learn from outside in an honest and humble manner and to develop original products by converging such vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom with the wisdom of learning on its own, and another desire to be a company that always aims to make a leap forward in the future with the emphasis on close communication, momentum and efficiency that a small company can have.

In the future, the electronics industry is not just an extension of the past, but as Atom Technology (A.T.) and Bit Technology (B.T.) converge, new features and services are expected to emerge one by one.

And we are confident that the connector sector, which connects them hardware-wise, will require innovative product development with new ideas and new technologies.

So far, we've led the way in meeting market demands with marketing and innovation.

We will continue to respond to changes in the environment and the market, and we will continue to challenge our customers by developing [preferred, advanced, and differentiated] products to provide solutions in the connector field. 

Thank you.


Sang-yeop Lee
CEO and President of HIROSE KOREA