It has standard specifications for round (metallic connectors / plastic connectors / waterproofing), square (Type-C, USB / D-sub / floating connectors), fiber optics, high frequency coaxial, modules, etc., and original products for signals / power in round and square.
  I/O Connector (Standard product)

10Gbps USB Type-C Global Standard for High Speed Transmission Global Standard USB
Global Standard USB

Signal 鈥 Power connection
Optical connector
High frequency coaxial connector
Modular jack / Plug
It鈥檚 a Connector to connect the board and cable inside the electronic device and system. There are discrete wire, flat ribbon cable, thin wire coaxial cable for high speed transmission, shield cable and FPC/FFC. MIL-compliant connectors are also available in the line-up of wire-to-board products.
  Wire to Board Connector

Discrete wire

Center lock method provides excellent operability and high-density mounting
Board to Wire connector

Ribbon Cable
Shield Cable
Thin Wire Coaxial Cable


Board-to-Board, Board-to-FPC
This is a connector that connects the board to the board or the FPC to the board inside the electronic device and system. It is applied to parallel/vertical/horizontal connection such as micro connector, stacking connector, mezzanine connector, floating connector, and can also be used for high-speed transmission/high-speed signal connection..
  Board to Board Connector

Parallel connection

Hybrid Type Products of 0.35mm Pitch
with Full Armored Design for Damage Prevention

Vertical connection
Horizontal connection
High-speed transmission connector
Floating connector
It is a 1 piece connector for FPC / FFC mainly using a flip (actuator) locking method. It supports horizontal/vertical connection, and has various products such as One Action lock type, Front Axis type, Low Profile, High-speed signal transmission support, Shield FFC response, Halogen-free and type that does not require PCB pattern prohibition area at the bottom of the connector.
In particular, we are committed to global expansion by registering Front Axis products as Front Axis鈩, which are designed to deliver with the flip(actuator) closed to prevent the release of the flip(actuator) during movement and mass production.
  FPC Connector

HRS's unique terminal structure applied,
Back flip type product with enhanced FPC retention

Horizontal type
Vertical type
One Action Lock
High frequency coaxial connector
This is the original, ultra-small micro-coaxial connector, such as JIS / MIL / IEC standard coaxial connector such as BNC / SMA / SMB / N, and U.FL / W.FL / X.FL / K.FL.
The characteristic impedance is of the 50 惟 / 75 惟 type and also has an automotive connector for antenna connection and a coaxial switch for high frequency circuit inspection.
  Subminiature coaxial connector

Automotive coaxial connector with high high frequency characteristics
3~6GHz, Automotive Antenna Connector

3GHz or less corresponding
12GHz or less corresponding
over 12GHz or below 30GHz
over 30GHz
75 惟 corresponding
Automotive Connectors
Coaxial Switches
Fiber/Optic Connector
(Optical connector)
Active optical cable (AOC), waterproof (IP67 / IP68) and standard (SC / MU / FC) optical connector. We also have products such as terminators and attenuators equipped with standard (SC / MU / FC) connectors.
Non-waterproof type
Waterproof type
Optical active connector (AOC)
Modula Jack / Plug
Modular connector for RJ-45 / RJ-11 LAN connection. Various types are available, including Fast Ethernet support, enhanced CAT5 (CAT5e) / CAT6 compliance, and built-in optical indicators and pulse transformers protected from EMI.


(Relay connector)
Wire-to-wire connector for internal and external connection of equipment and devices. A lineup of relay connectors that connect connectors and connectors for automobiles and industrial equipment. The waterproof type can be used for exterior / interior / automobile.
Car Connector
IC Card/IC Socket
(Card connector /IC socket)
Connectors for SD and microSD (microSD) cards, SIM (SIM) cards, and Nano SIM (Nano SIM) cards. The product is categorized by the mechanism of inserting and ejecting cards, and the Push-In / Push-Out method, Push-In / Pull-Out method, and Tray method are adopted.
SD card
SIM card
(Connector for automobile)
This connector is used to connect a car's antenna coaxial cable, network connection, FPC/FFC connection, device internal connection, I/O interface connection, etc. It is a connector that supports waterproof/shielding performance, board/cable/relay/board-to-board connection methods, and can respond to demands for robustness and high reliability.
Antenna connection
Vehicle network connection
Internal connection
(Connector for power)
It is a connector for high current. It supports various connection methods such as board-to-board, board-to-wire, plug-in, relay, and each connection method also has waterproof (IP67 / IP68 / X9K), potting (resin charging) support, and L/TUV certified products. Power connectors include round, square, rack and panel connectors as well as board connectors.

Board to Board


Board to Wire

Plug-In Connector

Wire to Wire

High Speed
(Connector for high speed transmission)
Board-to-board, substrate-to-wire, external I / O interface, FPC / FFC (Shield FFC / High Speed FPC) high speed transmission response connectors. There are square modulators, optical active connectors, etc.

Board to Board


Board to Wire

External I/O


Sealed Connector
(Waterproof connector)
It is a waterproof connector for outdoor and internal/external equipment, signal (round / board to wire / vehicle), optical fiber, and high frequency coaxial. Signal connectors range from signal to high current, and waterproof performance satisfies IP67 / IP68. There are UL / TUV / MIL standard certification and certified products.
Power connector
optical connector
Microwave Component
(High frequency device)
High frequency products such as attenuators, terminators, distributors, spectrometers, couplers, etc. with high frequency coaxial connector specifications (SMA / BNC / N).
Directional Coupler
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