Report subject
01   The act of forcing unfair trade on suppliers and traders
02 The act of receiving money, entertainment, convenience, etc. from internal and external stakeholders
03 Improper use of company assets (including intellectual property) and information or taking unfair advantage
04 Other unethical acts prohibited as good workers
01   Informations are subject to closed-door investigation.
02 Contents shall be prepared in detail according to the 5W1H principles as much as possible, and only the exact facts shall be entered.
03 We do not investigate any matters concerning slander and personal privacy unrelated to the company.
Protection of informants
01   The informant and the contents of the report are kept strictly private.
02 You are not penalized for any disadvantages or penalties in your state for making a fair report.
03 Without your consent, we will not disclose any information that reveals or implies your identity.
Ethical Management Consultation / Report Unethical Conduct
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