Hirose Korea provides optimal working environment and living space, Providing various support and benefits to help you live a valuable and rewarding life at home and at work.
  Performance management system
Hirose Korea operates its own performance management system.
Target management evaluates performance and performance twice a year.
Incentives are based on results twice a year.
Capacity management is evaluated once a year and reflected in promotion and annual salary along with target management results.
  Salary and compensation system
Hirose Korea aims for the best treatment in its industry based on a thorough performance-based compensation system.
There is no automatic increase in salary based on the number of years of service, experience, or educational background, and only the results of target management and competency management are reflected to determine salary and compensation levels.
  Education system
Hirose Korea has a systematic education system to promote self-improvement and quality and to contribute to the improvement of management performance through various internal and external education and training programs.
It operates general education for the company, job competency education, class education for each position/job, foreign language education, certification education, and overseas training.
Hirose Korea supports your future.
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